week HL 114.3 SZ 96.5 MB 133.5 SOX 162.4 TS 100.1
13 MLT 67.5 PF 104.2 TH 121.5 CC 134.1 MA 116.1
Beer Division
Tubesocks 10 3
Mouth Breathers 8 5
Miller Lite Time 6 7
Punt Fumblers 6 7
Team Schultz 4 9
Cheese Division
Team Hails 9 4
MaxAttack 8 5
Heine Lover 7 6
Carl's Cousin 4 9
ScoreZero 3 10
playoff rules
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DEC. 6, 2016

The regular season has come to a close and I think it's safe to say that some of us are thinking, 'Thank goodness'. It was a rough year for a few teams with bigly erratic scoring at the WR and RB positions to the point that it became impossible to predict which players could be counted on.

For a select few however, things went very well. Mouth Breathers captured the league scoring title and along with MaxAttack, hit the elusive 1600-pt. mark. The Mouth Breathers didn't exactly have an easy path to victory though as they also faced the most points against in the league, a pattern we've oddly seen occur quite frequently throughout league history. Team Hails captured the Cheese division title in their very first season en route to an impressive 9 victories, while The Tubesocks set several club records while nabbing their first ever Beer division title. On their way to their best ever record (10-3) they also set a new mark for team points, single game high score, and win streak (7). Nice work Tubesocks!

The playoffs will see Tubesocks vs. Mouth Breathers and Team Hails vs. MaxAttack in round one.

DEC. 2, 2016

Just one week left and just one playoff spot left. Last week a few of the teams that have been struggling found a little late season magic and did their best to play spoilers. Punt Fumblers came out and put up their second best score of the season to knock Heine Lover out of contention for the second Cheese division playoff spot. That loss meant the best team Heine could manage is a tie in W/L with MaxAttack but due to the first tie breaker being divisional wins, MaxAttack's 6-2 division record puts them over the top. Heine Lover's division record is 4-4. That means Team Hails has captured the Cheese division title and will take on MaxAttack in round one.

In the Beer division, The Peshtigo Tubesocks had their 7-game win streak snapped by Team Hails but remain unaffected having wrapped up the division title last week. Mouth Breathers and Miller Lite Time are left to battle it out for the last remaining playoff spot with Mouth Breathers holding the advantage. If they lose and MLT wins, then both teams would stand at 7-6 leading to the tie break scenario here:

Division wins? Tied.

Head to head record? Tied.

Head to head points? Advantage: Miller Lite Time.

Mouth Breathers needs to win or have MLT lose to make it in. If Mouth Breathers lose and MLT wins the final game then MLT is in. Another down to the wire finish in Schlitz Blitz fantasy football!

The rest of us get to fight for some pride and the Toilet Bowl title starting next week.

NOV. 27, 2016

Week 12 is still in progress but I've finally found some time for a short update. The playoff picture is nearly in focus with two teams from each division already eliminated. Not surprisingly, the bottom four scoring teams in the league are out. One spot in each division has been clinched with newcomer Team Hails securing a spot in the Cheese division and the Peshtigo Tubesocks of the Beer division capturing their first ever division title on the back of a 7-game win streak. Congrats to both of you and good luck in the playoffs!

The final playoff spot in each division is still up for grabs with two games left so again, it looks like we'll be in for some end of season fireworks.

A few things of note:

The Tubesocks have set career highs in wins, a career best win streak, and surprisingly enough have their first ever winning season in the league after 7 previously frustrating campaigns. Barring a total collapse in the last two games they should also set a career high in scoring.

So far this season we have not had a single game decided by one point or less. Every season since 2009 there has been at least one game decided by such a small margin. This season the smallest margin of victory has been Team Hails 1.9-point win over Miller Lite Time in week 11.

The Mouth Breathers have had the league's top score for three weeks running, becoming only the second team in league histroy to accomplish the feat. The other team was ScoreZero in 2011.

Team Hails currently has the top scoring player three weeks running, something also accomplished only once before in league history by Punt Fumblers back in 2012.