playoffs MA 129.1 MB 121.0 HL 102.0 MLT 101.8 CC 112.5
round 2 SOX 79.2 TH 147.1 PF 109.0 SZ 95.4 TS 133.6
Beer Division
Tubesocks 10 3
Mouth Breathers 8 5
Miller Lite Time 6 7
Punt Fumblers 6 7
Team Schultz 4 9
Cheese Division
Team Hails 9 4
MaxAttack 8 5
Heine Lover 7 6
Carl's Cousin 4 9
ScoreZero 3 10
playoff rules
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DEC. 22, 2016

Congratulations to MAXATTACK, Schlitz Bowl X Champions!

After putting up an impressive 8-5 record and an even more impressive 124.76ppg (second best in the league), MaxAttack had to take on the Cheese division winner Team Hails in round one. Both teams had a sub-par game with MaxAttack edging out the win to advance to the big game. There he had to face the Beer division winner Tubesocks in their very first appearance in the championship game. Sadly for the Tubesocks, they put up their most disappointing score of the entire season giving MaxAttack a fairly easy win and their second league title.

In the third place game, Team Hails and Mouth Breathers battled it out with the newcomer Team Hails emerging victorious to take third place. Punt Fumblers also managed to squeak out a small victory in the Toilet Bowl over Heine Lover to finish fifth overall.

The end of season recap will be mailed out within the next couple weeks as I go over some stats and interesting bits. This was one bizarre season and I want to thank you all again for playing!

I also want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

DEC. 18, 2016

Championship week is upon us and that means SCHLITZ BOWL X!!

Can MaxAttack complete his quest for their first league title since 2009? Or will the scrappy Tubesocks team pull one more win out of their hat to cap off their Cinderella season with their first championship? I for one can't wait to see how this unfolds.

The site here has been getting the end of season updates to all team pages and most items are up to date except for anything playoff related. I also found a couple of errors in my statistical spreadsheet in regards to All-Play stats for some teams not adding up correctly. Everything should now be 100% accurate.

DEC. 13, 2016

Well round one of the playoffs didn't go quite as expected. Only three of ten teams managed to score 100 points or more which is quite uncommon. All four playoff teams fell into the abyss but of course two still get to advance. The rookie Team Hails lost to MaxAttack with their second worst score of the entire season, giving the Attack a shot at their second league title in only their second title game.

In the Beer division we had the Tubesocks knocking off the Mouth Breathers to advance to their first ever Schlitz Bowl appearance. With the loss, Mouth Breathers continues the odd tradition of the league's top scoring team not coming away with a title. The one and only time a top scoring team actually won the championship was MaxAttack back in 2009.

In the consolation arena we have Punt Fumblers and Heine Lover squaring off for the Toilet Bowl trophy. These teams have met quite regularly in the post-season with Punt Fumblers emerging victorious four out of five times. Heine Lover does have two Toilet Bowl titles to his credit so he knows how to win this game. It should be a good one.