week TS - CC - TH - MA - SOX -
1 PF - HL - SZ - MLT - MB -
Beer Division
Miller Lite Time 0 0
Tubesocks 0 0
Team Schultz 0 0
Punt Fumblers 0 0
Mouth Breathers 0 0
Cheese Division
Heine Lover 0 0
MaxAttack 0 0
Team Hails 0 0
Carl's Cousin 0 0
ScoreZero 0 0

AUG. 28, 2016

The draft last night was a pretty big success. Eight of the ten teams made it for the start and a ninth manager got there a bit late for a 90% turnout. That's what I like to see people! As per usual, I did most of the talking, but I don't mind as long as everyone had a little fun. Now we await the start of the regular season with the first Thursday night game on September 8th. Don't forget to set your lineups!

AUG. 21, 2016

Draft update: The draft order has now been set and is totally random. You final position from last season has no bearing on this year's order. We will be using a random order each season from now on. Here is the order for this year:

  1. Score Zero
  2. Team Schultz
  3. Tubesocks
  4. Mouthbreathers
  5. MaxAttack
  6. Team Hails
  7. Heine Lover
  8. Miller Lite Time
  9. Carls Cousin
  10. Punt Fumblers

Don't forget the draft is scheduled for Saturday August 27, at 6.30pm CST

JULY 17, 2016

Small update: I planned on eliminating the snake style draft this year but ESPN doesn't allow a different option. I wanted to make it so that whichever position you got in round 1 was the same position you picked every round. Unfortunately we have to stay with the snake style (first pick in round one is last pick in round two). Stupid ESPN.

JULY 12, 2016

Where did June go again? Boy the summer is roaring by and it hasn't even been very summery here in Belgium. Record rainfall and cool temperatures made it feel like perpetual spring and now it's suddenly the middle of JULY! This made me realize I've been forgetting to update things here.

With the loss of team Semi Pro the league will once again be adding some fresh blood. This will keep us at 10 teams and not affect scheduling in any way. As soon as our new manager accepts their invite, the new team will be inserted into the Cheese division to fill the gap.

I'm looking to hold the draft on Saturday, Aug. 27 at 6:30pm central standard time. This is about 2 weeks before the first regular season game on Thursday, September 8. In case you forgot, the draft order will be random from this point on and I'll announce this year's order in the week leading up to the draft. Again, the snake order is also going away so whichever position you get in round 1 will be the spot you draft from in every round.

JULY 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day everyone!

MAY. 14, 2016

It may not be a surprise to some of people, but I just received the news this week that the manager of Semi Pro has decided to retire from the Schlitz Blitz Fantasy Football League. Another case of real life things taking precedence and not enough time/interest for fantasy football I suppose. I should be able to find a replacement manager so no worries on the league shrinking or folding just yet.

In their 6 seasons of existence, Semi Pro compiled a respectable 44-34 record with 4 playoff berths and a second place finish in 2012. They also hold the second best All Play record over that span and tied for the most interdivisional wins with a record of 15-7.