week MB 98.2 SZ 92.7 CC 142.6 MLT 144.1 HL 96.4
2 PF 119.9 SOX 132.8 MA 100.9 TS 104.3 TH 111.1
Beer Division
Punt Fumblers 2 0
Miller Lite Time 2 0
Mouth Breathers 1 1
Tubesocks 1 1
Team Schultz 0 2
Cheese Division
Team Hails 2 0
Carl's Cousin 2 0
MaxAttack 0 2
ScoreZero 0 2
Heine Lover 0 2

SEPT. 21, 2016

Two weeks in and well, it's too early to say much. The injury bug did rear it's ugly head this week though, and a few teams are left scrambling to fill the vacancies. Last week saw MaxAttack lose elite wideout Keenan Allen for the year. This week saw Punt Fumblers lose RB Danny Woodhead who was expected to see a huge number of receptions this year. Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster also went down so running backs will be at a premium this week. We'll see if any waiver wire pick ups can pick up the slack.

SEPT. 14, 2016

Week one is in the books and what a week of upsets! Following the ESPN predictions, only one team made good on their forecasted win. Most teams scored above the usual league average of around 115 points so all in all it wasn't a bad week for anybody except Team Schultz and Heine Lover who really struggled. MaxAttack was also the unfortunate victim of the first season ending injury to elite WR Keenan Allen nonetheless. This could be a big blow to the Attack if a suitable replacement cannot be found. Also, kudos to our new league member Team Hails with a dominant win in her first career Schlitz Blitz game. Narrowly missing the 150-point mark, Team Hails came out of the gate like a rocket!

AUG. 28, 2016

The draft last night was a pretty big success. Eight of the ten teams made it for the start and a ninth manager got there a bit late for a 90% turnout. That's what I like to see people! As per usual, I did most of the talking, but I don't mind as long as everyone had a little fun. Now we await the start of the regular season with the first Thursday night game on September 8th. Don't forget to set your lineups!